At Fitch Law Group, we represent a wide range of both debtors and creditors in the bankruptcy process. Below is a brief overview of the services we offer.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
At Fitch Law Group we work with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases. A filing under Chapter 7 is called a liquidation. It is the most common type of bankruptcy proceeding. Liquidation involves the appointment of a trustee, who if necessary would administer non-exempt property of the debtor, sells it and distributes the proceeds to the creditors. Most personal assets will likely be of an exempt nature. Liquidation bankruptcy discharges debt within approximately six months.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
This is a type of bankruptcy for regular higher income individuals that allows the discharge of debt after making monthly payments for three to five years.

Creditor Representation.
Regardless of the type of bankruptcy, we represent creditors to ensure their rights are protected and they receive the maximum amount of funds available under the United States Bankruptcy Code.